A Scholarship Surprise For One Albany Football Player

Tuesday morning was media training with yours truly giving the presentation to the University at Albany football team. 100 players packed into the academic center, where the team generally holds training camp team meetings. The UAlbany Great Danes are preparing to take on 10th-ranked Baylor on September 3rd, so information had to be quick and … Read more

More water cuts as the US adjusts to climate change

The government is also, for the first time, trying to do something major about climate change. President Joe Biden on Tuesday signed into law Democrats’ plan to spend hundreds of billions to transition the country more quickly away from fossil fuels and move the US toward carbon neutrality. See what’s in the package. But the … Read more

AVMA delegates pass policies on milk, livestock genetic modification

The American Veterinary Medical Association has new or revised policies on raw milk, use of prescription drugs, reporting of adverse events, genetic modification of animals in agriculture, and approval and availability of antimicrobials for food-producing animals. The AVMA House of Delegates approved the policies during its regular annual session, held July 28-29 in Philadelphia in … Read more

Microneedles unlock curcumin’s therapeutic potential

A skin-targeted delivery system for curcumin synergistically combines albumin association, extracellular-vesicle encapsulation, and dissolvable microneedle arrays. Credit: College of Engineering, Carnegie Mellon University While turmeric root has been used medicinally throughout the world for centuries, science has found that its main chemical component, curcumin, breaks down in the body before its ultimate benefits can be … Read more

Tasmanian tiger: Scientists plan resurrection

Almost 100 years after its extinction, the Tasmanian tiger may live once again. Scientists want to resurrect the striped carnivorous marsupial, officially known as a thylacine, which used to roam the Australian bush. The ambitious project will harness advances in genetics, ancient DNA retrieval and artificial reproduction to bring back the animal. “We would strongly … Read more

Step Down Program Guidelines | suu

Step down scholarships are provided to students, for the next academic year, that have not met the GPA required of their scholarship in the current academic year. Students that do not meet the below requirements, will lose their scholarship. This program is limited to the following scholarships: President’s Scholarship* Resident … Read more

Using Magnets, Astronomers Will Attract Meteorites That Fall Into The Ocean

SUKABUMIUPDATE.com Astronomers plan to entice meteorites falling into the ocean using magnets. The meteorite came from another star system that crashed into the Pacific Ocean with an energy equivalent to about 121 tons of TNT. advertisement Known as CNEOS 2014-01-08, a team of astronomers from Harvard University hopes to find an interstellar rock fragment that … Read more