Hubble Space Telescope photographs a galactic Angel Wing in deep space

NASA has taken to its blog to explain how its Hubble Space Telescope has been used to explore galactic wings. NASA posted to its social channels and website last Friday to showcase a picture of two merging galaxies located in the VV-689 system. The two merging galaxies have been nicknamed “Angel Wing“, as the above … Read more

Space: How UK radio station broke world record with first program beamed into deep space | Science | news

In recent years, the likes of SpaceX and Virgin Galactic have challenged the capabilities of space exploration, and 2022 promised to be the greatest year yet. On the surface, radio and space might not sound like an obvious match. But as one national station has just proved, they can sometimes combine to achieve record breaking … Read more

NASA to upgrade Deep Space Network, improve linkages with probes beyond our solar system

NASA’s Deep Space Network (DNS) has helped lead human space exploration projects in the past. In October 2020, astronomers sent out a series of commands to a spacecraft that is billions of kilometers away. This probe, the Voyager-2, has been flying around for over 44 years and it managed to hear the commands and answer … Read more

Deep Space Radiation Genomics (DSRG)

Science Objectives The Deep Space Radiation Genomics (DSRG) [LJ(DAI1] investigation will pioneer scientific discovery by correlating which yeast Saccharomyces cerevisiae genes provide cells with a higher probability of survival with the types and doses of radiation experienced beyond Earth’s protective magnetosphere. Status Scheduled to launch as part of Biological Experiment-01 (BioExpt-01) aboard the Artemis I … Read more

How Microscopic Water Bears Will Help Astronauts With Deep Space Missions

Tardigrades seem to use a whole variety of methods to survive harsh conditions, such as using pigments to transform strong ultraviolet light into harmless blue light. As for surviving space radiation, researchers think this might be something they achieve by producing a lot of antioxidants that protect them from changes to the body. This is … Read more

Webb starts hunt for the first stars and habitable worlds

The first stunning images from the James Webb Space Telescope were revealed this week, but its journey of cosmic discovery has only just begun. Here is a look at two early projects that will take advantage of the orbiting observatory’s powerful instruments. For all the latest news, follow The Daily Star’s Google News channel. The … Read more

Capable Of ‘Tracking US In Space’, China Developing ‘High-Definition’ Deep Space Facility That Has An Astonishing Range Of 150M Km

China has begun constructing a new high-definition deep space active observation facility with more than 20 large radar antennas to detect and track asteroids that could be a threat to Earth, Chinese-language media outlet Science and Technology Daily reported on July 8. This new observation facility is called ‘China Fuyan,’ meaning compound eye. The Chongqing … Read more

NASA plans Dec. launch for Webb telescope’s deep-space mission

NASA announced on Wednesday plans for a Dec. 18 launch of its James Webb Space Telescope, which is expected to provide valuable insight into the history of the cosmos during its 10-year mission. The space agency said the mission will extend beyond the discoveries of NASA’s Hubble Telescope mission, with longer wavelengths that will allow … Read more

Rare ‘Goldilocks’ black hole discovered after extreme explosion in deep space

Scanning through a catalog of over 2,700 energetic deep space explosions captured by NASA’s Compton Gamma-Ray Observatory, James Paynter’s task was to find a needle in a needle stack. The doctoral student, from the University of Melbourne, wanted to find one of the explosions, a gamma-ray burst, that had been “lensed” — its path interrupted … Read more

Cosmic mystery: Strange radio signals detected coming from deep space

The search for life beyond Earth has been the biggest force behind inter-planetary exploration and it is about to get much more interesting. Astronomers have detected mysterious radio signals coming from deep space using a massive telescope in China. Being called a ‘cosmic mystery’, astronomers are getting closer to solving it and have been able … Read more