Resolving the core of the J1924-2914 blazar with the Event Horizon Telescope

A multifrequency view of the bent jet in J1924-2914. Credit: VLBA (Hunt et al. 2021), GMVA (Issaoun et al. 2019), EHT (Issaoun, Wielgus, et al. 2022). Scientists at the Event Horizon Telescope (EHT) have imaged the distant blazar J1924-2914 with unprecedented angular resolution, revealing previously unseen details of the source structure. Blazars are powerful active … Read more

A New Theory in Physics Claims to Solve the Mystery of Consciousness

Summary: Consciousness can not simply be reduced to neural activity alone, researchers say. A novel study reports the dynamics of consciousness may be understood by a newly developed conceptual and mathematical framework. source: Bar-Ilan University How do 1.4 kg of brain tissue create thoughts, feelings, mental images, and an inner world? The ability of the … Read more

Stampede2 supercomputer simulates star seeding, heating effects or primordial black holes

Supercomputer simulations have probed primordial black holes and their effects on the formation of the first stars in the universe. Black holes can help stars form by seeding structures to form around them through their immense gravity. They also hinder star formation by heating the gas that falls into them. XSEDE-allocated Stampede2 simulations show these … Read more

Experimental demonstration of optical stochastic cooling

Measurement with synchrotron-radiation monitors IOTA is equipped with synchrotron-radiation monitors at each main dipole. These stations, which use Blackfly-PGE-23S6M-C complementary metal–oxide–semiconductor (CMOS) cameras and have approximately unity magnification, are used to record direct transverse images of the beam distribution. For the OSC experiments, the M2R station was upgraded for higher resolution using two hardware improvements: … Read more

‘Eternal engine’ inspires the next generation of ultra-precise atomic clocks

Credit: Pixabay/CC0 Public Domain UK scientists have created an “eternal engine” to keep the next generation of atomic clock ticking. Precision timing is essential for systems such as global navigation, satellite mapping, establishing the composition of exoplanets and the next generations of telecommunication. But atomic clocks are currently massive devices—weighing hundreds of kilograms—which need to … Read more

Fifth State Of Matter Used To Create Never-Before-Achieved Quantum Simulation

Artistic representation of chiral interactions in an ultracold cloud of atoms dressed with light. Image credit: ICFO/Scixel Researchers in Barcelona have created a peculiar new quantum simulation. The approach involves Bose-Einstein condensates – often referred to as the fifth state of matter – which have been used to study the intricate quantum properties of solid … Read more