Derek Fischer Sounds Off on Warriors’ Stephen Curry’s All-Time Rank

Stephen Curry of the Golden State Warriors.


Stephen Curry of the Golden State Warriors.

The Golden State Warriors are the franchise of legends. Just like the Boston Celtics, Los Angeles Lakers, and Chicago Bulls have hosted the best of the best, so have the Warriors. The likes of Stephen Curry, Wilt Chamberlain, and Rick Barry have all donned the blue and gold.

But as of late, Curry has stood out among the rest. He tops the franchise in all-time win shares and is in the midst of one of the greatest runs in NBA history, having led the Warriors to four championships in the last eight seasons.

Where does he rank among the long list of NBA legends, though?

Well, according to Derek Fischer, he’s toward the top of that list. During an interview with Joey Lynn and Inside the Warriors, Fischer spoke about where Curry ranks all-time. According to him, he’s in the same group as Kobe Bryant, Shaquille O’Neal, and Tim Duncan.

“Steph Curry has separated himself as one of the few guys in the history of our game, that when you look back, wherever he was or whenever he played, his teams were really successful. I put him in that category with Tim Duncan, Kobe, and Shaq[ille. Wherever he is, success is going to follow,” Fischer explained.

Bryant and Duncan have five titles to their names, while O’Neal has four, just like Curry. And all four players are among the best of all time without a doubt. 

But just because he turned out to be an all-time great doesn’t mean he always had it easy.

Curry Mistreated Early in His Career

Recently, former Warrior Jeremy Lin told a story of his rookie season, when he played with a sophomore-year Curry. He said that the team’s coach at the time, Keith Smart, would often mistreat Curry and yell at him in practice.

“I was with him my rookie year. The coach that we had didn’t believe that much in Steph and would bench him a lot, get on him, yell at him a lot, was just really tough on him,” Lin told Sky Sports.

On top of that, Lin explained that Smart would often bench Curry in the fourth quarter like clockwork.

“It almost became normal that every fourth quarter, he would get benched for a certain stretch. I felt that would shake any player to some degree and even though his confidence would kind of waver a little bit – because of the way that he was being coached – he had a deep, deep, very strong belief that he was a great player and that he would become a great player, and that the way things were going at that time was not how they were always going to go,” Lin explained.

But luckily for Warriors fans, Curry stuck with it and persevere. And now, it’s looking like he could be in Golden State for the rest of his career.

Curry Sounds Off on Future With Warriors

The Warriors point guard threw out the first pitch at an Oakland Athletics game late in July. During the game, he did an interview with the broadcast team where he noted that he wants to remain in Golden State for the rest of his career.

“Honestly, I don’t wanna leave ever. I want this to be my one and only home. And even thinking about what happens when basketball is done. Eventually, that will happen. We’ll still have roots here, we’ll still have a presence here, and call this place home,” Curry revealed.

So, it’s looking like the Warriors will get to watch the all-time great for the remainder of his career.


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