EA will honor the biggest pricing error we’ve ever seen

In what may be the greatest regional pricing difference in the history of videogames, Epic Games Store pre-purchases for FIFA 23 recently went on sale in India for 4.80 rupees. That comes to about $0.06 USD.

The price was an error, of course: FIFA 23 is meant to be priced at 3,499 Indian rupees (INR), which comes to about $44.17 in US dollars. That would make the accidental price a 99.86% discount, but it gets better. The erroneous price wasn’t for the normal version of FIFA 23. It was for the Ultimate Edition, which costs 4,799 INR. That brings the discount to 99.98%, and everyone who took advantage of it will get to keep the game, according to an email from EA (which we saw via Sportskeeda (opens in new tab)).

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