Hearthstone’s next expansion will ask the players whodunnit

Hearthstone, like most trading card games, is fundamentally about throwing down monsters and crashing their stats into each other. (It’s also a game about making your opponent tilt off the face off the Earth by dealing a bazillion damage from hand, but that’s a longer article.) So it continues to amuse me how the designers are able to come up with convoluted thematic reasons for that stat crashing, be it yearlong narratives about a plucky band of Mercenaries or, more recently, a journey to the bottom of the sea to be menaced by the fish folk.

Hearthstone’s next foray into storytelling via combat maths will be Murder at Castle Nathria, which from the initial batch of cards and accompanying fluff sounds like Team 5’s take on stuff like Knives Out and Clue. “Sire Denahrius—former leader of Revendreth—has invited his enemies as guests to his Castle for an elegant dinner soiree,” writes Blizzard. “The evening is going swimmingly… until suddenly, the Sire himself is murdered!”

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