High on Life reveals in-game TV show, Guy in a Hole

High on Life is the new title from Justin Roiland of Rick and Morty fame’s Sqaunch Games studio, and it’s due out on October 25th, this year.

After the reveal during the Xbox & Bethesda showcase which showed off the talking guns and, frankly, madcap looking universe, we’ve now got the news that there will be an in-game tv show of sorts.

The first animated short is called Guy in a Hole, and features a guy in a hole. The developer says that “Maybe there are hidden layers to it? Maybe not. High On Life has a ton of these little shorts in it. You can watch them on the in-game monitors that are just out in the world. They’re free. You don’t have to pay extra for them or buy a battle pass or anything like that”. Oh and yes, it’s Roiland on vocal duty for “Guy in a Hole”.

Squanch Games has previously put out Trover Saves the Universe for PS4 and PSVR, and while our critic Chris White did enjoy the game, giving it a 7/10 score, he had to say it became a bit repetitive early on. Chris aid that “Trover Saves the Universe is a funny, laugh-out-loud action adventure that would be completely mediocre if it wasn’t for Justin Roiland’s unique brand of humour. Despite the rather dull gameplay, the NPCs are a joy to listen to, and the other random characters that provide your quests can be completely ridiculous, but it never stops you from having a decent amount of fun playing”.

High On Life is coming to PC via Steam and the Epic Games Store and Xbox Series X|S on October 25, 2022.

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