How to Beat Giovanni (August 2022)

A new monthly rotation is here in Pokemon GO and, although there are still a few weeks left of the Season of Go, there are plenty of big changes for trainers to take note of. In addition to a pretty exciting lineup of August 2022 events in the mobile AR game, there are also some shakeups to the Team GO Rocket lineups that will need to be taken into consideration.

Trainers who enjoy battling have the option to face off against Team GO Rocket leaders once again this month in Pokemon GO, but some of the enemy faction leaders are switching up their lineups to keep trainers on their toes. The big bad, Giovanni, is going to be bringing the same shadow Legendary to the fight that appeared in July, but trainers may still want to brush up on the best counters head of time anyway.


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Once players put in all the work to earn a Giovanni encounter, they’ll want to take the time to prepare for the fight before it begins so they don’t waste any resources. There’s always a bit of a random element to the exact lineup, but players can learn enough ahead of time to prepare for the most versatile roster to deal with the current lineup. Be sure to consider whether it might be worth burning some Elite TMs head of time to get the ideal move sets in place before the fight.

Giovanni August 2022 Lineup


Nidoking or Rhyperior or Machamp

Shadow Latios

Persian Counters

As always, Giovanni is very likely to kick off the battle with Persian. This Pokemon is a Normal-type and players in Pokemon GO can usually defeat it very easily with a respectable Fighting-type counter.

  • Lucario – Counter/Aura Sphere or Power-Up Punch
  • Conkeldurr – Counter/Dynamic Punch
  • Machamp – Counter/Cross Chop or Dynamic Punch
  • Rhyperior – Mudslap/Stone Edge
  • Tyranitar – Smack Down/Crunch
  • Hariyama – Counter/Dynamic Punch

Nidoking Counters

Nidoking has a chance to appear in the second slot. This Team Rocket favorite is a dual Poison- and Ground-type, which means players can rely on Ground-, Water-, Psychic-, and Ice-types as the best counter possibilities.

  • Kyogre – Waterfall/Hydro Pump
  • Hoopa (Unbound) – Confusion/Psystrike
  • Mamoswine – Mud Slap/Avalanche
  • Rhyperior – Mudslap/Earthquake
  • Swampert – Watergun/Hydro Cannon
  • Mewtwo – Confusion or Psycho Cut/Psystrike
  • Alakazam – Confusion/Psychic

Machamp Counters

The third possibility for Giovanni’s second fighter is Machamp. This Gen 1 Fighting-type is nothing new to veteran players and can be defeated with a carefully selecting Flying-, Psychic-, or Fairy-type counter strategy.

  • Mewtwo – Confusion or Psycho Cut/Psystrike
  • Alakazam – Confusion/Psychic
  • Hoopa (Unbound) – Confusion/Psystrike
  • Moltres – Wing Attack/Sky Attack
  • Rayquaza – Air Slash/Hurricane
  • Deoxys – Zen Headbutt/Psycho Boost or Zap Cannon

Shadow Latios Counters

The final spot is once again reserved for a Shadow Legendary that players can earn an encounter with if they manage to survive the battle. Shadow Latios is in the spotlight once again after appearing in July, which means that players who battled last month should be prepared for the fight with the appropriate Bug, Dark, Dragon, Fairy, Ghost, or Ice-Type counters.

  • Gengar – Shadow Claw/Shadow Ball
  • Dialga – Dragon Breath/Draco Meteor
  • Garchomp – Dragon Tail/Outrage
  • Hydreigon – Dragon Breath/Brutal Swing
  • Salamence – Dragon Tail/Outrage

That should be just about everything trainers need to know heading into the big fight this month. Be sure to keep in mind that sometimes players may need to treat the first attempt as information gathering and immediately re-enter after an early defeat with some additional information. Be sure to check back in the coming weeks for more details on August events and other Pokemon GO news, updates, and strategy guides.

Pokemon GO is available now on mobile devices.

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