James Bond Producers Need Actor With 12 Years Of Commitment

The producers of fictional British Secret Service movie, James Bond, need a new actor to sign up with 12 years of commitment. Barbara Broccoli, the director, is currently trying to reinvent the ‘007’ role. Hence the need for a more committed individual to assume the position. Several actors were considered for the role, but unfortunately, they had to be dropped after some consideration.

The franchise boss, Broccoli, ruled out 1972-born Idris Elba from her list due to age limitations. This leaves Henry Cavil, 39, Bridgerton star Regé–Jean Page, 34, Tom Hardy, 45, and Oscar winner, Chiwetel Ejiofor, 45 contending for the spot. Although she disclosed that her team loves Idris Elba, he was a couple of years off.

The producers of the movie are serious as this time it’s not just about casting, it’s more about reinvention. In the producers’ boss chat with Mirror, she stated that the former James Bond actor, Daniel Craig, couldn’t return because they need 12 years of commitment. He’s now 54, so his age also couldn’t permit him.

James Bond Producers Serious About 12 Years Actor Commitment Amid Female Inclusiveness

The producers of James Bond have other plans aside from the need for 12 years of commitment from an actor.

Broccoli disclosed other plans for the movie to mirror. She discussed how the recent Bond films had included more meaningful feminine roles. It’s going to continue in the new movies as well. She tagged their new plans an ‘evolution.’

Women may take over, but it’s not yet time. Per Hollywood Reporter last year, 62-year-old Broccoli doesn’t think a woman should play James Bond.

Several great female actors would have made a great feat for the James Bond role, but the producer(s) think otherwise. Broccoli believes it’s important to make movies with great roles for women. It will curb them from having to play men’s roles.

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