LeBron James has a $1 billion fortune but once fell out of love with the NBA because of his mental health

Lakers superstar LeBron James admitted he knew the exact moment he realized he had to train something very different

When it comes to the physical side of things we doubt there are many players that can even seek to hold and candle to this man.

If you’ve ever seen the Lakers man play live, you, of course, know exactly what we’re talking about here. But, for those who haven’t had the pleasure quite as yet, the man really is more described by the word ‘tank’ stupendously well.

But, as great as his physique is, it is not his intense physique we’re here to talk about. No, it’s his mental toughness.

Today, you can sometimes see the man employ certain breathing techniques, or meditate during timeouts of games, to help him stay focused. But, he wasn’t always that way.

Being as talented as he was coming into the league, Bron never really paid much heed to mental strength practices. However, as he once revealed, there was one specific moment that changed it all for him.

Let’s dive right into it, shall we?

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LeBron James was in a bad, bad place, turning him to the practice of strengthening his mind

Practices to keep mental calm are something countless players in the NBA choose to overlook. But, perhaps that is the difference between James and the rest of the NBA… one of the many, that is.

Speaking of mental practices though, here is what the man himself had to say on the matter, as per Bleacher Report.

“The level of scrutiny that I was dealing with, and how I got out of my comfort zone. I lost my love for the game”

As per Bleacher Report, he further confirms that it was the 2011 NBA Finals loss to the Dallas Mavericks that forced his hand on picking up these practices.

Now, while we’re sure LeBron James would still prefer to have won the chip that season, but the lesson from the loss wasn’t too bad either, eh?

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