Rumour: Sony Owned Death Stranding May Be Coming to Game Pass on PC

Death Stranding PS5 Playstation 5 1

In another bizarre twist, the Sony owned Death Stranding looks poised to be added to the PC Game Pass catalog. It wouldn’t be the first PlayStation funded project to join Microsoft’s subscription service – actually, it’d be the third following the two most recent MLB The Show titles – but it’s certainly strange to see the Japanese giant allow more of its games on a rival service. It’s especially odd when you consider the Xbox maker recently accused its competitor of paying to keep games off the popular subscription.

Much like the aforementioned MLB The Show games, there are some mitigating circumstances which may help to explain the situation. Indeed, Death Stranding was published by 505 Games – not Sony – on the PC, as it pre-dated the platform holder’s push onto storefronts like Steam. However, we’d be massively surprised if the manufacturer wasn’t signing off on this.

But why do people think the game is coming to PC Game Pass to begin with? Well, in its typical “hello, fellow kids” social media style, the service’s official Twitter account said of its new avatar that “sometimes we just like a good landscape picture”. Zoom in and you see a lush green hill that looks distinctly like Death Stranding to us. A couple of comparison images discovered by a fan makes it even more obvious.

Assuming it’s true, though, it’s a strange situation yet again. Sony has included Death Stranding in All PS Plus Gamesso it’s not like PlayStation owners are at a disadvantage like with MLB The Show, but this will generate a lot or headlines.


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