Hori Reveals New Pokémon-Themed Designs For The Switch Split Pad Fit

Image: HORIA Accessory creator Hori has revealed it’s teaming up with The Pokémon Company to release Pokémon-themed Split Pad Fit. In case you missed it, these Joy-Con-like controllers are a follow-up to Hori’s Switch Split Pad Pro, and are officially releasing here in the west as the Switch Split Pad Compact. They’ll be available here … Read more

Switch Online N64 Controllers Are Back In Stock Now (UK)

Image: Nintendo Life Update [Thu 15th Sep, 2022 18:50 BST]: It’s been a while, but My Nintendo Store UK has restocked the wireless Nintendo 64 controller for Nintendo Switch Online. (Thanks for the tip, Joel!) These typically sell out extremely fast, so we’d advise jumping on these as quickly as possible if you’re looking to … Read more

Hori Officially Announces Switch Split Pad Compact Western Release

Subscribe to Nintendo Life on YouTube Towards the end of last month, the popular accessory maker Hori announced it would be releasing a follow-up to the Split Pad Pro called the Split Pad Fit. Now, a month later, it’s officially announced the western release. Locally, it’ll be known as the ‘Split Pad Compact’. Apart from … Read more

Video: This Joy-Con Accessory Lets You Play Switch With Only One Hand

Subscribe to Nintendo Life on YouTube The Nintendo Switch has proven to be groundbreaking on a number of levels, but, as with many consoles, accessibility has continued to be one of the main features on which it can improve. A 2017 console evaluation by The Able Gamers Charity confirmed just this, commenting on the Switch’s … Read more

8BitDo Reveals New ‘Ultimate’ Controller Range, Compatible With Switch

Image: 8BitDo Following the release of a wired edition designed for Xbox consoles, 8BitDo has today revealed their new line of Ultimate Edition controllers for Switch PC, and pre-orders are open today. The controller, which looks very much like a blend of the Switch Pro Controller and the standard Xbox pad, will come in three … Read more

PS5, PS4 Finally Go Portable with Officially Licensed PlayStation Backbone One

Many of you will harbor fondness for the PS Vita and its predecessor the PSP, and understandably so – both were superb portable systems. But with the likelihood of Sony making another extremely low, this may just be the next best thing: an officially licensed Backbone Onewhich works in tandem with an iPhone and the … Read more

There’s A New Pokémon GO ‘Auto-Catcher’ On The Market

Image: Nintendo Life / Damien McFerran Ever since Nintendo released the Pokémon GO Plus wristband, we’ve seen a steady stream of imitators hit the market, keen to capitalize on the desire for a device which allows you to catch ‘mon and spin Poké-stops without actually having to extract your phone from your pocket. Up until … Read more

How Do You Improve The Switch Pro Controller? Just Add Some ‘Click’

Image: Nintendo Life / Damien McFerran While we’ve seen plenty of pretenders to the throne, many Switch fans are of the opinion that the official Pro Controller is still the best pad to use when you’re playing on the TV or in tabletop mode. It’s comfortable, has a good D-Pad and offers the full range … Read more