5 things we’ve learned from earnings season so far: How big an impact is inflation having?

More than 80% of the S&P 500 index’s companies have reported second-quarter results so far, and at least five key takeaways have emerged — including that Wall Street was far more worried about the coming earnings season than it needed to be. That doesn’t mean investors were wrong; the numbers and management commentary have confirmed … Read more

Why Everyone Is Obsessed With A Cat Cyberpunk Game

Photo: Kotaku My method for gauging a game’s popularity doesn’t hinge on parsing sales figures from NPD or concurrent player lists from SteamDB. Nope, my tell is pass-fail: whether or not my mom has texted me about it. Over the past week or so, my mother has asked me more about “the cat game” than … Read more

Mod Turns The Cat From Stray Into CJ From GTA: San Andreas

because Stray is out on PC, there are already mods for the game, and because Stray is a game about cats, a lot of those mods are focusing on that. We’ve featured some here already, like one that lets you change the color of the playable cat, but this one by Sirgalahad172 is a little … Read more