Can genetic factors increase risk of suicide attempts?

Are there factors that can increase someone’s risk of attempting suicide? Every 11 minutes, someone in the US dies by suicide. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention considers suicide a serious health problem. In 2020, more than one million people in the US made a suicide attempt and about 45,000 died by suicide. Suicidal … Read more

Nutrition labels required by end 2023 for freshly prepared drinks that are higher in sugar, fat content

SINGAPORE: Food and beverage outlets will by end of 2023 be required to include nutrition labels on their menus indicating drinks that contain higher levels of sugar and saturated fat. These include freshly brewed drinks from coffee shops, freshly squeezed juices and bubble tea. “Our latest measures will require the outlets selling these drinks to … Read more

New Langya virus detected in China. Here’s what we know so far – National

As the world continues to grapple with the COVID-19 pandemic and a concerning monkeypox outbreak, a new zoonotic virus likely transmitted to humans from animals has caught the attention of scientists. In China, between December 2018 and August 2021, 35 people were infected with the Langya virus that is believed to have spread from shrews … Read more

5 things experts say could ease pressures on Ontario’s health care system

Temporary emergency room closures and increased wait times have become increasingly common in Ontario as the province’s health-care system grapples with staffing shortages. Premier Doug Ford has acknowledged that more can be done to ease health-system pressures, but his throne speech this week fell short of offering solutions to the problem. The Canadian Press asked … Read more

New Langya virus infects dozens in eastern China: Study | Health News

Langya virus, which can cause fever, fatigue and nausea, found in 35 people in eastern China, researchers say. Scientists in Asia have identified a new virus that can cause severe fever and was likely transmitted to humans from animals in eastern China. The Langya henipavirus (LayV) was found in 35 people in the Shandong and … Read more

Eating when you are hungry is the best way to LOSE weight, survey suggests…

Eating when you are hungry is the best way to LOSE weight, survey suggests… and it’s better for your psychological health too Scientists say ‘eating intuitively’ is better for psychological and physical health 6,000 young adults from eight countries responded to a survey of eating habits Those who followed body’s hunger ‘signals’ were less likely … Read more

Monkeypox risk in Hamilton ‘very low’ as cases surpass 1K in Canada – Hamilton

Hamilton Public Health (HPH) officials say the recent surge in monkeypox cases worldwide still poses little risk to local residents with only ten total cases reported as of last week. During a board of health update, the city’s manager of infectious disease characterized exposure to the affliction as “very low” but said pre– and post– … Read more

A Common ‘Forever Chemical’ Has Just Been Linked to Liver Cancer in Humans

A common ‘forever chemical’ known as PFOS (perfluorooctanesulfonic acid) has been linked to liver cancer in humans in a worrying new study. Once a key ingredient in the water-repelling product commercially known as Scotchguard, PFOS was finally phased out soon after the turn of the century following concerns about its toxicity and environmental impact. Still, … Read more

With mental health calls on the rise, officials question whether Riverview Hospital should reopen – BC

With a rise in seemingly unprovoked assaults and attacks in Metro Vancouver where mental health is a contributing factor, some officials are now questioning if a shuttered facility should be reopened. In May, Sgt. Steve Addison with the Vancouver Police Department said violent crime in the city increased 7.1 per cent in 2021 compared to … Read more

London kids to be offered polio shot after more virus found in wastewater

LONDON (AP) — Children ages 1-9 in London were made eligible for booster doses of a polio vaccine Wednesday after British health authorities reported finding evidence the virus has spread in multiple areas of the city but found no cases of the paralytic disease in people . Britain’s Health Security Agency said it detected viruses … Read more