NBA Should Follow WNBA And Make All-NBA Teams Positionless

The WNBA announced on Friday morning that this year’s All-WNBA teams will be selected independent of position. That means if five guards, forwards, or centers prove to be deserving of every spot on each team, the voters could make it as such. This is an excellent decision from the league — players of all archetypes, … Read more

Boyz II Men Blew Up ‘Family Feud’ And Steve Harvey Lost It

Family Feud is a gift. Especially when things go straight to hell and Steve Harvey gets to lose his mind on contestants that can’t take the pressure. And sometimes, the contestants are celebrities like the guys from Boyz II Men. All of that came to fruition in the above clip, in which Amber Ruffin’s crew … Read more

Bob Odenkirk Vows More Walt And Jesse On ‘Better Call Saul’

Better Call Saul is almost at an end, with only two more episodes left to air. But something big has already happened: The prequel show, which explores the epic origins of Bob Odenkirk’s Jimmy McGill, aka Saul Goodman (and maybe more aliases besides), has already finally looped back up with Breaking Bad, some 13 years … Read more

JaVale McGee Has Some Questions About His Face In ‘NBA 2K23’

We’re a few weeks away from the latest game in the NBA 2K series hitting consoles. This means that the fine folks over at 2K Sports keep dropping little hints about what we can expect in this year’s edition of the game — whether that’s improvements to the game itself or little cosmetic things that … Read more

Clusterf*ck: Woodstock ’99 Review: Netflix’s Prescient Doc

Netflix recently released Clusterf*ck: Woodstock ’99, their three-episode documentary series directed by Jamie Crawford exploring the titular music festival. Even though it’s been barely a year since HBO released its own Woodstock ’99 documentary, which you’d think would’ve already scratched this itch, I immediately binged all three episodes of the new version the second they … Read more

John Krasinski Confirms Jim Was ‘The Office’ ‘Supervillain’

Earlier this year, audiences were shocked to experience a Jim Halpert jumpscare in theaters when John Krasinski appeared in Doctor Strange In The Multiverse Of Madness as the elastic superhero mr. fantastic. Despite his relatively small cameo, Krasinski still helped save the world (kind of) and proved that he could actually play a superhero, which … Read more

St. Vincent And Brett Gelman Do Stevie Wonder On ‘Colbert’

St. Vincent is in the middle of a fun side gig right now: From July 25 to 28, she is filling in for a vacationing Jon Batiste and joining the Stay Human house band on The Late Show. By design, Annie Clark’s temporary job is to mostly stay in the background and build/complement the show’s … Read more

‘She-Hulk’ Featurette Reveals A Tweak To Her Origin Story

In a new featurette for its upcoming She-Hulk series for Disney+, Marvel has revealed that Tatiana Maslany’s version of the character will have a slightly different origin story. (There’s also enough fourth wall-breaking to make Deadpool jealous.) When she was first introduced in Marvel Comics, Jennifer Walters was the daughter of a Los Angeles County … Read more

A Solid Reason For Why Kim Won’t Die On ‘Better Call Saul’

If you’re behind on Better Call Saulyou should not watch Vanity Fair‘s “fan theories” video with Bob Odenkirk and Rhea Seehorn. But if you’re all caught up, congratulations, you’re enjoying the best show on television — and you get to watch Bob and Rhea shut down what Redditors think is going to happen in the … Read more

‘Mythic Quest’ Teaser Promises To Deliver What People Want

Apple TV’s workplace comedy Mythic Quest has had quite a turbulent run. The first season debuted in February 2020 to rave reviews, and then the pandemic hit, which caused the second season to be delayed before causing the worst COVID outbreak of any show in Los Angeles while filming season two in 2021. But, the … Read more