Opinion: The problem Joe Manchin highlighted is crucial for America’s future

Welcome to America’s horrendous process for issuing building permits, made famous by former President Barack Obama’s lament as his administration struggled to spend stimulus dollars during the Great Recession: “There’s no such thing as shovel-ready projects.” The most onerous step for a major endeavor comes in the form of the environmental impact statement, which a … Read more

Opinion: Brittney Griner needs more than outrage to be freed

It’s not that much of a stretch to imagine this coming true, especially when recapping the basis for that charge: two vape cartridges of hashish oil found in Griner’s luggage at a Moscow airport in February. Griner’s situation seems almost as absurd, but it’s no laughing matter. It’s exasperating and heartbreaking for her family, friends … Read more

Bora Chung Soars with a Provocative Collection of Stories

Bora Chung’s first work to be translated into English, Cursed Bunny (Algonquin, Dec.), has been dubbed genre bending for its blending of science fiction, magical realism, and horror. But none of these descriptions do justice to this remarkable collection, which was shortlisted for the 2022 International Booker Prize. The 10 stories are beyond imagination: breathtaking, … Read more

Opinion: Food inflation remains stubbornly high in US and Europe

The pace at which food prices rise matters not just because it directly impacts household budgets, especially for those at the lower end of the income distribution, but also because the visibility of food price changes helps to shape the public’s expectations of inflation which itself can contribute to higher inflation. Annualized food inflation is … Read more

Opinion: There’s a dire shortage of nurses across the US. There’s also an overlooked solution

Some nurses have abandoned a workplace where conditions have become harder to endure, with impossibly high patient loads and even a shocking uptick in workplace violence. Others have quit their jobs to become travel nurses, staffing bedsides around the country on a temporary basis, and for as much as triple their usual pay. But there’s … Read more

Opinion: This adult activity book is funny — but its authors are definitely not joking

The book began in the wake of the racial reckoning that followed the murder of George Floyd. Bell and Schatz — already friends and fellow denizens of the East Bay area of California — kept having conversations about how to deal with White people who wanted to know: “What do I do?” Bell suggested they … Read more

Opinion: A revolution on the supply side is needed to defeat inflation without crushing the global economy

MILAN, Italy (Project Syndicate)—Central banks’ efforts to contain high and rising inflation are fueling headwinds to growth and are threatening to tip the global economy into recession. But the proximate cause of today’s inflationary pressures is a large, broad-based, and persistent imbalance between supply and demand. Higher interest rates will dampen demand, but supply-side measures … Read more