The N64 Encyclopedia Offers Nintendo Fans An Exhaustive Overview Of The 64-Bit Era

Image: Nintendo Life It seems the hardest-working man in games journalism has struck again! Yes, Chris Scullion — features editor over at VGC, formerly of Official Nintendo Magazine UK, and Nintendo Life contributor extraordinaire (most recently giving EA’s FIFA series a fitting send-off for us) — is back again with another entry in his excellent … Read more

Unreleased ‘Dune’ GBA Game Is Finally Available To Buy, But With A New Name

Subscribe to Nintendo Life on YouTube Following on from its Kickstarter campaign last year, Pixel Games UK has released the previously-cancelled Dune GBA game — called Frank Herbert’s Dune: Ornithopter Assault — on Steam under a brand new name. Spotted by @TheSpaceShipper on Twitter (via Time Extension), the newly-titled Elland: The Crystal Wars launched yesterday … Read more

Star Fox 2 Made Its Debut On The SNES Classic Console Five Years Ago

Image: Nintendo The Star Fox series has been a staple of Nintendo systems since the Super Nintendo era, but there was one game in the series that went missing during this generation – Star Fox 2. While the game was mostly ready to go by 1995, by then PlayStation had entered the market and the … Read more

You Can Now Play NES Games On The Analogue Pocket

Image: Nintendo Life / Damien McFerran Here’s something for retro gaming fans to celebrate this morning — thanks to Adam Gastineauyou can now play NES games on your Analogue Pocket. This tiny little handheld device can already play a number of retro handheld games with FPGA accuracy, and now you can add the 8-bit Nintendo … Read more

Where Are All The Lord Of The Rings RPGs On Console?

Image: Vivendic The year was 2002. Peter Jackson was about to release the second installment in the Lord of the Rings movie trilogy, EA had bagged the rights to the video game adaptations of the films and Vivendi was just about to release its own console adaptation, not of the New Line Cinema property, but … Read more

‘Aero Fighters 3 ACA NEOGEO’ Review – I Wonder How Spanky Can Fly the Plane? – Touch Arcade

A few months back, Video Systems Aero Fighters 2 ($3.99) arrived on the mobile Arcade Archives. I found it was a good fit for mobile play in my review, and gave it a hearty recommendation. At the time I noted that it probably wouldn’t be long before Aero Fighters 3 ($3.99) rolled in and, well, … Read more

Random: Unseen Screens Of Cut Super Mario 64 Stage Found In 1996 Nintendo Report

Image: Nintendo / Forest of Illusion Always ready to unpack a little more of Nintendo’s history, a collaboration between preservation site Forest of Illusion, @Render_Archive and @Nintoid has amounted in the upload of a long sought-after Nintendo Company Report from 1996. The edition includes a wealth of nostalgic gaming material from sales reports to upcoming … Read more

Switch Online Versions Of Pokémon Stadium 1 & 2 Won’t Support Transfers

Image: Nintendo Life At the latest Nintendo Direct broadcast, the next batch of games coming to the Switch Online N64 service were revealed. Apart from titles like Mario Party, and the long-rumoured return of GoldenEye 007, Nintendo also confirmed Pokémon Stadium and its sequel Pokémon Stadium 2 would be coming next year. This is the … Read more