Unilever India highlights tea rebound and health foods innovation to battle inflation challenges

HUL recently announced its Q2 FY2022 financial results and revealed healthy overall growth including net profits of INR 22.9bn (US$290mn), an 11% growth year-on-year; as well as an EBITDA margin of 23.2% – but a lot of the discussion was focused on the inflationary challenges the company is currently facing. According to HUL CEO and … Read more

5 things we’ve learned from earnings season so far: How big an impact is inflation having?

More than 80% of the S&P 500 index’s companies have reported second-quarter results so far, and at least five key takeaways have emerged — including that Wall Street was far more worried about the coming earnings season than it needed to be. That doesn’t mean investors were wrong; the numbers and management commentary have confirmed … Read more

How Small And Medium Sized Businesses Can Combat Inflation With Tech Upgrades

Home Services AdobeStock_128413819 With the multiple rounds of interest rate hikes from the Federal Reserve, the cost of goods & services increasing and supply chain challenges, American small business owners have been hit with whammy after whammy. We’re talking with Joe Walsh, CEO of Thryv – a provider of SaaS, cloud-based business platform for small- … Read more

Opinion: Food inflation remains stubbornly high in US and Europe

The pace at which food prices rise matters not just because it directly impacts household budgets, especially for those at the lower end of the income distribution, but also because the visibility of food price changes helps to shape the public’s expectations of inflation which itself can contribute to higher inflation. Annualized food inflation is … Read more

Saskatoon’s hospitality industry hurt by inflation – Saskatoon

Restaurants in Saskatoon are feeling the heat with inflation costs causing more businesses to slow operations or close down. “Operators are just choosing to close their doors. They’re working so many hours. It’s very difficult to find people to work. The rising cost of goods and services is really impacting them,” said Jim Bence, Hospitality … Read more

The World’s Inflation Crisis Could Worsen Amid Labor Protests

Key workers in supply chains across the globe know that their jobs have never been more crucial – and they’re taking advantage of that leverage, demanding better working conditions. Labor protests have been turning up at all spots in the global supply chain, including railways, trucking, warehouses and ports, in locations spanning Australia to Peru, … Read more

Auto Sales Are Slipping As Recession Fears Grip Markets

Auto sales continue to sputter heading into the back half of 2022, as global recession fears mount and supply chain issues persist. The latest to disclose lackluster numbers was Porsche, who said their global deliveries were down 5% to 145,860 vehicles in the first half of the year, according to a wrap up by Bloomberg … Read more

It’s here. Inflation Prognosis: Lower.

Equity investors just endured the worst first six months of any year since 1970. This occurred despite a “Bear Market” rally in May. For the month, the S&P 500 was down -8.4% (see last column of table) as was the Russell 2000, with the Nasdaq down -8.7% and the DJIA -6.7%. All the indexes except … Read more

Opinion: A revolution on the supply side is needed to defeat inflation without crushing the global economy

MILAN, Italy (Project Syndicate)—Central banks’ efforts to contain high and rising inflation are fueling headwinds to growth and are threatening to tip the global economy into recession. But the proximate cause of today’s inflationary pressures is a large, broad-based, and persistent imbalance between supply and demand. Higher interest rates will dampen demand, but supply-side measures … Read more