Breath Of The Wild 2

Image: Nintendo / Kotaku Nintendo, ever the iconoclasts, chose the most recent Nintendo Direct to announce not the GameCube Zelda remakes we’re certain they’ve already finished, nor any information about the upcoming Mario moviebut instead to surprise-reveal the official title of Breath of the Wild 2 . it was The Legend Of Zelda: Tears Of … Read more

Video Game YouTuber Dunkey Launches His Own Indie Publishing Company

Subscribe to Nintendo Life on YouTube YouTuber Jason ‘Dunkey’ Gastrow has announced his very own indie game publishing company called Bigmode. In a five-minute upload on his YouTube channel, Gastrow explained how he felt he had been sitting on the sidelines for too long, waiting for “great games to appear” and now wanted to leave … Read more

NASA spacecraft to crash into an asteroid

CAPE CANAVERAL, FL. — In the first-of-its kind, save-the-world experiment, NASA is about to clobber a small, harmless asteroid millions of miles away. A spacecraft named Dart will zero in on the asteroid Monday, intent on slamming it head-on at 14,000 mph (22,500 kph). The impact should be just enough to nudge the asteroid into … Read more

YouTube Reviewer Video Game Dunkey Wants To Sell Games, Too

The biggest critic in gaming is getting into publishing. Jason “video game dunkey” Gastrow announced in his latest YouTube video that he and his wife, Leah Gastrow, will run a new indie label called Bigmode dedicated to discovering and evangelizing the best games that haven’t even been made yet. “I’m sick of sitting on the … Read more

TikTok warns people posting videos will be ‘collateral damage’ of Bill C-11

A display for short-form social media video hosting service TikTok is seen at the Collision conference in Toronto on June 23.CHRIS HELGREN/Reuters Canadians posting videos on platforms are in danger of becoming “collateral damage” of the federal online streaming bill, TikTok Canada has warned. The video hosting app’s director of public policy told a Senate … Read more

Video Game Dunkey Launches New Indie Game Publisher

YouTuber Videogamedunkey has announced a new indie game publisher known as BIGMODE. The indie scene is growing more and more in gaming with platforms offering more visibility to creators. Of course, on the Xbox 360 there was a whole section for indie games, but a lot of them were pretty barebones and lacked any kind … Read more

Classic MMO Getting Updated with Basic Feature 25 Years Later

If you’re an MMO connoisseur who’s been playing Tibia for years and years now, you’ll be happy to hear that the game is soon getting a major (but also basic) feature: sound. That’s right, the MMO that came out in 1997 has never had sound, but that’ll all change on September 27th whenever an update … Read more

YouTube’s Algorithm Doesn’t Care if You ‘Thumbs Down’ Videos

YouTube has already stopped videos from displaying the number of dislikes it’s received, but apparently giving a video a thumbs down doesn’t change how many similar videos the platform recommends you.Photo: wachiwit (Shutterstock) My YouTube recommendations are full of old reruns of Gordon Ramsay’s Kitchen Nightmares. It might be partly my mistake for getting drunk … Read more

Chinese astronauts go on spacewalk from new station

BEIJING — Two Chinese astronauts went on a spacewalk Saturday from a new space station that is due to be completed later this year. Cai Xuzhe and Chen Dong’s installed pumps, a handle to open the hatch door from outside in an emergency, and a foot-stop to fix an astronaut’s feet to a robotic arm, … Read more

Random: Masahiro Sakurai Now Has One Million Followers On Twitter

Japanese game director Masahiro Sakurai – responsible for some of the greatest crossovers in video game history – has recently hit one million followers on Twitter. Yes, he’s now got a million fans checking out his social media account on a daily basis. According to Sakurai’s profile, he originally joined Twitter in 2010 and has … Read more