Usada Pekora FGO Stream Gets Blocked By Aniplex But It’s Back Up Now

Usada Pekora from Hololive has had her Fate Grand Order (FGO) stream VOD be blocked by Aniplex due to copyright issues yesterday on 20th September but fortunately, the stream is now back and available for those who wish to watch through the VOD.

According to this Reddit post made by u/Blackz00, they mentioned that Pekora’s FGO stream had been blocked by Aniplex due to copyright grounds. Although there were no specific reasons as to why the video had been blocked as Aniplex hasn’t made any official announcements regarding this issue.

Users had been speculating that the reason behind the copyright strike was related to the intro animation that plays after clearing through the first stage – Fuyuki. Although, Pekora had already muted the music that played throughout the animation so it’s not clear as to why the video had been taken down.

Pekora had also made a tweet about on her Twitter account saying that she is aware of the situation and is working to fix this issue. But fortunately enough, the FGO VOD is now back and hopefully this issue won’t be a problem in future streams when Pekora plans to stream the game.

For those who are wondering, COVER Corp had recently given their talents the green-light to stream Fate Grand Order where notably Usada Pekora was the first one to stream it, followed by Kageyama Shien from Holostars. Thanks to this clip translated by user Vtuber Fan | Pekora & Hololive on Youtube, Pekora had mentioned that she had been a fan of the Type-Moon franchise ever since she was a kid, playing games such as Tsukihime and Melty Blood Type Lumina thanks to her brother’s influence.

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